Everyday Inspiration. Day Six: The Space to Write

Hello! I’ve been so inspired lately, usually when I’m about to write a blog, I always ended up being confused like what should I write. Okay, back to the “Everyday Inspiration” task. For my sixth day task, I have to write and describe the space where I usually write my blog. Some people may be like to write in a certain places, for example at the park, at a fast food restaurant or maybe at the Starbucks or library.

It will be a long post, because I will write this post based on What, Where and When

1. What is my ideal space to write?
For me, my ideal space to write is a quiet place, a small room with a desk, a chair, a lamp desk, an air conditioner or a fan, a single bed, a laptop, a power outlet, a Wifi, a small cabinet or refrigerator where I can keep my snacks or drinks. I usually write my blog on my desk, and if I’m tired of sitting in front of the laptop for hours, I would put my laptop on the floor and I lie down on the floor. Next is wifi, all of you must have known the reason why wifi router is needed? And last but not least snacks and drinks, when I’m stuck or lose some ideas for the blog, I always looking for the snacks to help me improving or refreshing my mind, and so do the drinks (I like tea or milk).

2. Where is my ideal space to write?
As I mentioned before, I prefer a quiet place, but without loud noises of my family and neighbors. Sometimes I write my blog in my living room but the place is so hot because there is no air conditioner and there are lot of mosquitos. So I prefer write a blog inside my bedroom, where I shared this room with my older sister.

3. When is my ideal space to write?
Well, I usually write at an unusual time, 12 a.m. and above. It’s because if I tried to write a blog in the afternoon, all of my family still wake up and they are so damn loud. Besides they have a very loud noises, they are never giving me a personal space, for example when I having a phone call with my boyfriend, my mom or my older sister always ask me what kind of topic did I talk to my boyfriend? And I really don’t like if other person interfere my privacy. Not only a phone call, when I browsing, my mom always always always questioned me like “what are you browsing now?”, “can I see it?”, “is that a porn?” (although I only read an Attack on Titan manga). I just remembered that one time when I’m browsing 9gag.com, I didn’t realize that my mom was standing behind me and she’s been looking at 9gag too. I quickly got angry when she started to ask me some questions like what are you browsing now and etc. I hate it when my mom started to nagging me and she never gives me my own privacy. So that’s why I like to write a blog when all of my family are asleep so no one can bothering me.

I think that’s all for today. See you on the next post!

Everyday Inspiration. Day Five: Hook ’Em With a Quote

“When you’re an introvert like me and you’ve been lonely for a while, and then you find someone who understands you, you become really attached to them. It’s a real release.”

Lana Del Rey

For today’s task, I have to make a post based on one of my favorite quotes. And I chose Lana Del Rey’s quote, she says “When you’re an introvert like me and you’ve been lonely for a while, and then you find someone who understands you, you become really attached to them. It’s a real release.”

First of all, why I chose her and her quotes. I adore her and I love her. She is a great singer. She has a unique voice and her musical style is 50’s and 60’s, which is very rare style for other singers than her. And some of her songs really describes me a lot and it’s like we’ve been in the same situation.

Second, why I chose her quotes. Well.. Like I said, it describes me a lot and it seems we are in the same situation. I am a very introverted person. I love being alone, like if I have a spare time, I would love to write a blog or listening to music. And I’m not that kind of anti social people, I just don’t like have many friends that has two-faced, and I am a very selective person so I prefer having closest friends who I can trust. Besides my closest friends, I trust my boyfriend. He understands me. He knows me very well. He is very good for keeping my secrets. The conclusion is I only trust few people in my life, and I don’t even trust my own family. So I’m very lucky and happy to have my closest friends and my boyfriend who also supports me whatever I do. So I just want to say a big thank you for believing me and loving me always. ♥♥

Everyday Inspiration. Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

A four photo collage of a person in the woods, a person in a church, a person jumping in to a lake, and Grand Central Station

For today’s task, I have to make a post based on one of the four pictures. Then I chose the top right picture, with a man sitting inside the church.

Why I chose this picture?
1. It reminds me when I started to doubt my faith
2. I started to doubt it when I was in 10th grade
3. It reminds me two religious people in my life (my mom and my teacher)

First of all, I was born into a very very very religious family (especially on my mom’s side). Every Sunday, I always go to the church, not because I want to but I just obeyed my mom’s order. I’m getting sick of her, and she always asks other relatives like my aunts or cousins if they already go to the church, when they said “not yet” , my mom will scolded them for not going to church. From that, I feel disgusted because of my mom’s attitude. From my point of view, it’s up to you for going to the church or not, that is not my business. But my mom has a different opinion, she described people who are “rarely go to the church” as a very bad person. Even she asked my boyfriend if he already go to the church or not (my boyfriend also wrote this post).

Other than my own mom, I remember my geography teacher, call her “Miss O”. She taught me from 10th grade until 12th grade. I remember when I attended to the class after Easter holiday is over, Miss O asked my classmates including me who is a catholic. I confused with her question, so I just raised my hand. And then, she questioned one by one her catholic students who is already attend the Easter’s mass. When she questioned my friend, my friend told her that she didn’t attend the Maundy Thursday Mass because there was no car available so she just stayed at home. Miss O who is freaked because of her student’s answer, she immediately scolded my friend in front of her other students, when I want to defend my friend. Miss O asked me if I already go to the church, I said yes. But when she asked me if I already attend the morning prayer, I said no. As I imagined, Miss O scolded me and then started to declare that I am a bad student.

Because of that two incidents, I’m still confused whether I still want to be in the Catholic Church or being Agnostic. I’ve been thinking this decision for years, I still can’t decide. But every Sunday, I still go to the church (you know, mom’s order), but at the same time, I’m getting sick of it. But, I don’t wanna hurt my parents feelings, so it’s pretty confusing. I wish I can decide as soon as possible.

That’s all. Thank you

Everyday Inspiration. Day 3: One-word Inspiration.

I am so sorry for the lack of the new post. Recently my laptop was broken, so I had to sent it to the laptop technician and I had to wait for more than 2 weeks. Have you ever imagine living your life without your laptop? It was pretty hard. But anyway my laptop is back and I’m still trying to adjust myself to Windows 10.

So, back to the blog. For Everyday Inspiration Day 3 task, I have to write a post based on ONE-WORD Prompt, and I chose “Home”

*Warning, this post contains some bad words*

Home? I quickly remember of my home, the place where I live with my parents and my siblings. I grow up with my parents and my one older sister, and one younger sister and one younger brother. For the earlier years, I enjoyed living with them and I was happy. But for the last four years, I started to doubt it. I began argue a lot with my parents (especially my mom), I got into lot of fights with my siblings. As I’m getting older, so do my parents, I started to think that my mom began to judge me whatever I do. If I eat lots of food, my mom always yell at me “Tara! You’re getting fat and ugly because you’re eating too much food!” , If I go to have fun with my friends, my mom says “Are you getting sick of your own family? Why you always hang out with your friends? Are your friends important than your own family?” although I only hang out with my friends only twice a month.

And not only that, if I have a fight with my younger brother or sister, my mom always come in and interfere. And she CONSTANTLY support my younger bro or sis, and I always blamed for everything. I tried to talk to my dad, and he only said “just follow your mom’s order”. Well, I’m sick of this shit, really.
There were lots thoughts in my mind, like I want to leave this home, I want to kill myself and other thoughts that continues until now. I still argued a lot with my mom, recently I got into a big fight with my older sister, and my sister told me that I am an asshole (sorry for the bad word).

Because of that, I started to doubt the quote from Jane Austen “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”. Well, my real comfort is where can I enjoy my life without being judged by my mom so I can live my own life and maybe stay in a different place other than my usual home and not get in to fights with my siblings and of course I don’t have to share most of my food with my siblings, it is because I grow up with 4 siblings and I have to share with them.

That’s all for today. Thank you.

Everyday Inspiration. Day 2: Write a List.

Hello again! Lately I feel motivated to write a blog again after a short hiatus. So, I’m gonna write a list of the things that I like. I really really do like lot of things, I’m afraid that this list will be long and boring, so here are my list:

1. My Iphone.
Seriously I can’t live without my phone, I always use my phone to communicate with my family, boyfriend and my friends.
2. Everything that contains Oreo
Like cookies and cream ice cream, and I like bubble tea drink from Quickly for example Taro Oreo Milk Tea, I like oreo cheesecake.
3. Cats
I’m a cat lover. I have a ginger cat named Rocco.
4. Sex
Not need to explain. Lol
5. Watches
I love watches, especially watches that have black or blue strap.
6. Fried Rice
I know it sounds funny, but I do really love fried rice, just like my grandfather who really loves to eat fried rice, like grandfather like granddaughter.
7. Chocolate Milk
My favorite flavor since I was in elementary school, but I hate chocolate bar (weird huh?)
Hahaha, yes it’s Gundam! The very popular giant robots created by
sunrise Inc. I love the anime, and I like to build the Gunpla but I prefer the 1:144 scale. Most of my friends were really surprised and shocked because of my hobby of building a Gunpla but I don’t care what they are thinking. I’m free to do my hobby.

9. Laptop
Recently, my laptop got broken and I sent my laptop to the laptop technician then I had to wait for more than 2 weeks. I felt empty without my precious laptop , I couldn’t watch Rio Olympics (damn).
10. The Walking Dead!!!!
Who doesn’t love The Walking Dead?? Seriously I deeply in love with this series, I also read the comics and I’ve been following this great story for 4 years. I love Rick Grimes ❤
11. Dancing With The Stars!!
Yeah another favorite TV shows after The Walking Dead. The season that I love the most is Season 15 The All-Stars Season, you know the winners are Melissa Rycroft and her pro dancer Tony Dovolani. Besides that, I also love season 18, the winners are Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy and season 22, the winners are Nyle DiMarco and his pro dancer Peta Murgatroyd. Now I’m waiting for the new season, season 23.
12. Pokemon Go.
Lol, you heard it clearly. I started to play this game little bit late than the others, it’s because I’m afraid that if I play this game, I would be so addicted to Pokemon Go. And yes, I’m addicted.
13. Instant Noodles, especially Indomie.
It sounds silly, but this is one of my favorite instant food. When I’m broke (don’t have spare money to buy food), I eat instant noodles. When I’m sick (high fever or toothache), I eat instant noodles. If I’m really hungry, I usually eat 2 packs of Indomie.
14. ASMR
I love watching ASMR videos. I usually watch GentleWhispering’s youtube. According to Wikipedia, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation. For further explanation, click here.
15. Music
Last but not least, music. I love Rock, alternative, pop and indie rock. I love Lana Del Rey, My Chemical Romance, Radiohead and many more.

Well I think that’s it for today!



Everyday Inspiration. Day One: I write because….

As you all may notice or read on my first ever post on my blog, I always want to make a real blog, instead Tumblr. In my Tumblr, I always reblog pictures of cats, cartoons that I like, quotes and many more.
Ok, I’m here because I want to share my story to everybody through my blog. I am a shy person, I always feel uneasy and uncomfortable when I share my story when talking in front of other people. That’s why when I was in Junior and Senior High School, all of my teachers gave me lots of criticism during my presentation, they always told me to be brave, be confident, speak louder when I speak, but in the end.. I still feel uneasy, so I’m not even surprised when my teachers gave me not-so-good grades when I received my report card. Since that, I began to tell my stories through writing, like in diary and tweet my stories on my twitter. But I rarely write my story through my facebook because there are many of my relatives like my aunts and uncles who like to judge me and leave some comments with harsh words. Well it happened when I was in junior high school, when I posted something about my school activities that I hate, and one of my uncles leave a comment and called me crazy and told me that I may have mental illness. And of course, I feel sad and angry when somebody called me like that. Since THAT, I decided to cut off ties with my relatives (not all of them, but certain relatives). In the future, I hope I become braver and share my story, write some opinions about something and give some advice to everybody or my readers.
And this blog is my collaboration with my boyfriend, and I also hope that this blog will be a great blog for both of us.
That’s all for today, see you on the next post.

Hello again

Well hello again. It’s been awhile since my last post. Sorry for the lack of post, because I was dealing with my thesis and I constantly working on my thesis until 5 am almost everyday, and because of that, I got sick twice. I got flu, headaches and I vomited a lot. So my parents told me to get some rest and I decided to put my thesis on hold for awhile so I can be healthy again. Besides of that, I just got my braces taken off and I’m so happy (yeah) after almost 3 years wearing it (although I have to use the retainers).
The good news, I will try to post a new blog frequently, because I recently joined a new course from DailyPost. I must say that I should thank to my boyfriend who always encourages me to keep writing and posting when I lose interest to write a blog or when I couldn’t find an inspiration. I decided to join Writing Course: Finding Everyday Inspiration. After this, I will post my day 1 task from Writing Course: Finding Everyday Inspiration. Stay tuned!

Day Fourteen: Create Your Own Feature

For the last task, I have to think what type of feature that I will publish weekly or monthly. For weekly, I think I will post about my game progress, currently I’m playing a game called Criminal Case, you can play it on Facebook but you can play it on your phone (you have to download it from App Store or Google Play).

As I mentioned you before, I’m an amateur painter, so I will publish my painting progress monthly. Currently, I’m painting a koi fishes, because of my dad’s request.

I can only think about that 2 things right now, maybe in the future I will post about another features that I like, maybe music? Hehe

That’s all for today! Have a nice day!

Day Thirteen: Build Your Brand

Today’s task, I have to create an icon to represent my blog. Well, since the beginning I have told you that this blog is collaboration between my boyfriend and I. So I chose this photo. I remember when we took this picture together, it was 2 years ago, we had a difficult time to take a good picture of us, 1st attempt: the photo was blurry, 2nd attempt: I cropped my own face (I was the one who holding the phone), 3rd attempt: tried to find a perfect angle for us, 4th attempt: we forgot to set the timer, and 5th attempt (and last): we took a perfect couple photo!
So that’s all for today! See you on the next post.

Day Twelve: Make Some New Connections

If you look at my previous post, you’ll find my post about “Glass” from Daily Prompts for today’s task, I have to read the others’ response about “Glass” and leave a comment. Some of the response really good and I’ve read 4 blogs, but I only commented on 2 blogs because the they share the same feeling as I am and it feels like I’m not alone in this world.
So that’s all for today!